Musicbox Theatre Company

Established in 1988 to enable young people from the age
of six years to
learn the skills and participate in theatre production.


The aim of the Studio is to provide the skills necessary to give students the opportunity to advance into a professional career should they wish to do so whilst at the same time allowing them to develop their independent skills and self confidence. From time to time we will be offering classes in Makeup, Musical Theatre (see below), and Production areas as well.


  •  mime
  •  acting
  •  movement
  •  voice
Mainly through the use of theatre games and then by presenting a performance piece.

a comprehensive

            performing arts curriculum

Acting skills are taught using the Spolin method incorporating  “theatre games” and the groups work towards a performance twice yearly.
Students also study and learn texts and time is also spent helping to develop characterisation skills.
Independence and self confidence are developed and fostered, whilst also providing all the necessary skills and disciplines to provide a stepping stone to a professional career.
Some opportunities may arise during the year for performances at Community events.
Private classes are also available to assist with an audition or screen test or to just provide an intensive one on one learning experience.
By popular demand, we are introducing a 2 hour per week session focussing on Musical Theatre technique. The class will include acting, singing, and dancing with specialist teachers throughout the term. The class will be working towards performances twice yearly and the focus is on ensemble work. This class is currently aimed at students from 8-12 years of age.
Makeup and Specialist workshops on technical theatre and production areas will be conducted from time to time and visiting specialists will attend.

Debbie Fraser (BA Perf Arts) 


Debbie is a graduate of the University of Ballarat with a Degree in Performing Arts.
A performer with dance training since the age of six, Debbie was a member of the GSODA Junior Players for seven years. She then went on to perform in over 30 adult productions, both Dramas and Musicals in Geelong, Ballarat and Melbourne.

Debbie has also appeared in Films and on TV in Commercials, Carson’s Law, The Flying Doctors, Law of the Land and Frontline.

As a freelance Director, Debbie has worked extensively for companies in Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne and throughout Victoria.
For her work as a Director and Choreographer, Debbie is a three time winner of Excellence Awards from the Victorian Music Theatre Guild.

Her services have also been much sought after as a teacher, consultant and Artist in Residence for schools.

Debbie founded the Musicbox Theatre Company in 1988, and has continued to Write, Direct and Act professionally, as well as being Artistic Advisor to the GSODA Junior Players with which her involvement has
spanned over 30 years.